ALTENE Systems

The coating with cold applied polyethylene tapes is a valid protection against corrosive passive type, whose use, is indicated to cover entire steel pipes of large diameter directly in the construction site, and in the same time used in industrial plants located directly in the same plant of production tubes.

Cold polyethylene tapes are also particularly suitable for restoring line joints after welding operations on pipelines for aqueducts, methane pipelines and repairing/rehabilitant pipelines.

The simplicity and reliability of cold polyethylene tapes has allowed an extremely widespread use, even in particularly heavy laying conditions, combining in an extremely way the need for high corrosion resistance (dielectric protection), mechanical (heavy laying conditions), ease of application and economy of the protection system.

The availability of different combinations (systems) of taping, allows to choose the most suitable system for each application according to the operating temperatures, the mechanical protection desired and the thickness that you want to give to the protection.




Thanks to their strong adhesion to metal and to themselves, as well as their very high resistance to cathodic detachment, ALTENE systems are the ideal solution for use on construction sites, ensuring maximum durability of protection over time, even in harsh laying conditions and low soil thanks to the high values of electrical and chemical resistance to both acids, alkali and sulphates.

The ALTENE systems ensure great cost-effectiveness in use because they are applied cold, manually or with wrapping machines and are suitable for use in various diameters thanks to their versatility of use and to the minimal scraps produced.

COATEC, a world leader in cold tapes production, offers a wide range of coating systems according to the use and technical specification required in accordance with the most widely used standards such as          UNI EN 12068.




ALTENE systems ensure a high speed coatings execution in total safety, thanks to their cold application and maintenance in service the pipelines during the restoration of the protection.

ALTENE systems ensure a cost-effective ratio an extremely advantageous benefit because, in the face of very low investments, they allow fast and accurate work, thanks to the use of the same belt on various diameters.

ALTENE systems ensure maximum protection over time thanks to the stability and resistance of chemical components applied without the use of heat (which could alter the performance tested in the laboratory) and therefore suitable for coating against chemical, electrical, biological and environmental aggressions.

ALTENE systems provide maximum protection against corrosion of welding joints in steel pipes and, thanks to their chemical action of adhesion to the surface, if applied accurately, do not give rise to the formation of bubbles and moisture inclusions between the metal wall and the belts.

ALTENE systems are applied “cold”, at environmental temperatures of the products and the surface, allowing to operate without the inconveniences related to pre and/ or post heating not adequate or excessive that often affect the overall quality of the coating “hot”, often connected to dangerous or unhealthy operating conditions.

ALTENE systems ensure that work is carried out quickly and effectively in any condition of morphology and terrain orography, type of pipes used and ambient temperatures.

ALTENE monotapes are unsurpassed in the repair of corrosion protection because they adhere perfectly even without primer, on themselves and on all other protection systems (poleolefin and bituminous); they are easy to apply because they are extremely plastic and allow to perfectly protect valves, curves, tees, detachments and fittings in general.


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