Backing: Special blend of stabilized polyethylen
Adhesive: Butyl rubber and Adhesion Promoting Resins
Colour: Black

The anti-corrosion layer ALTENE 109 is engineered to assure a high bond to the primed surface with excellent conformability characteristics.

The mechanical protection layer ALTENE 205-206-122, achieves a complete bond to the ALTENE 109 inner layer, providing maximum and in-service protection for the coating system.

Application of hand tapes or with manual or motorized Trichy coated.
Tape overlay of 50% percent of the width.


The typical values given are the average of minimum and maximum values defined by Coatec s.r.l. for acceptance of the product. The values measured according to standard procedures, are obtained from specimen of samples collected according to Coatec s.r.l. test procedures, and conditioned under controlled conditions. In absence of purchasing specifications for the inspection and acceptance of the product, Coatec s.r.l. will refer to its procedures, conditions and tolerances. Values obtained on site will vary depending on the test methods and conditions. Whilst Coatec s.r.l. warrants its products to be free of material and manufacturing defects, Coatec s.r.l. disclaims any liability in connection with the misure of Coatec s.r.l. products.