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The goal of COATEC S.R.L. is customer satisfaction has always been welcoming all its requests, which are important for improving the quality of the service and the product.

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ALTENE systems consist of the best combination of primers, corrosion protection tapes (inners) and mechanical protection tapes (outers).

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Quality anticorrosive protection systems for underground pipes.

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Coatec Altene

Peeling Test Primer Altene

The images below document a peeling test performed in Australia.

Products used: Altene Primer P16 1822.32 and 122.30 white.

Test result: Perfect!

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Coatec Altene Cutting Line – Video

ALTENE systems shall ensure:

  • The maximum duration of protection over time, thanks to the high values of electrical and chemical resistance to both acids and alkali and their mechanical characteristics that protect the pipe from impact and drilling during transport and installation.
  • Great economy, because, in the face of a high productivity, they need very little investment, generate little waste, can be applied in the widest range of ambient operating temperatures and thanks to their flexibility, they are continuously adaptable to the different soil morphologies.
  • Protection of the environment and protection of human health through the stability of their components and non-polluting application.

Coatec Altene Cutting Line

A remarkable speed of execution of the coatings with the maintenance in service of the pipes during the restoration of the protection.
An extremely advantageous cost-benefit rapport, because, against very low investments, they allow a fast and accurate work.
The restoration of the optimum level of protection regardless of the morphological conditions of the soil, the diameters, the lengths of the pipes and the protective system previously used.
Maximum durability of protection due to the stability and resistance of their components to electrical, chemical, biological and mechanical aggression.
A great economy thanks to flexibility and ease of application.
Maximum durability of protection due to the stability and resistance of their components to electrical, chemical, biological and mechanical aggression.

Coatec Altene Cutting Line

Coatec Altene Cutting Line

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Coatec Altene NE301

New product ALTENE NE301

ALTENE NE301 is a self-amalgamating and self-agglomerating tape made of highly elastic butyl tape.

Its exceptional elasticity qualities (elongation of 494%) allow the use of ALTENE NE301 in the most difficult conditions and on very irregular surfaces.

ALTENE NE301 having a density equal to 1.120 g / cm³ and a thickness of 2 mm. When applied, it adheres perfectly on itself, forming a homogeneous and compact gummy mass.

ALTENE NE301 is used in various sectors, which space from gas water pipes, to the marine to the electric field, to protect or repair in an emergency or definitely.

Coatec Altene NE301

Coatec Altene NE301


Backing: butyl rubber
Color: black
adhesive: butyl rubber

Data sheet: click here

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