Production and sales of Altene anti-corrosion coatings in the water, gas and oil sectors since 1986.

COATEC S.R.L. was founded in June 1996.

Until 2005 COATEC S.R.L. developed, according to the various market requirements, a series of products in the field of anti-corrosion coatings of pipes of any diameter for gas, water and oil.

In 2017 Coatec from distributor becomes ALTENE manufacturer.

After two years COATEC S.R.L. proudly produces ALTENE systems in the best combination of primers, corrosion protection tapes and mechanical tapes that are engaged with satisfaction by many Italian and foreign companies in the rehabilitation of existing ones, whose protection is restored without interrupting the service.

The objective of COATEC S.R.L. has always been customers satisfaction, satisfying all his requests, important for improving service and product quality.

In 2019 COATEC S.R.L. consolidated its position as market leader in Italy and foreign markets with trusted distributors in PORTUGAL, AUSTRALIA, CROATIA, and is in negotiation with SPAIN, KUWAIT, NEDERLANDS and EGYPT.

Everything that COATEC S.R.L. has built and will continue to build owes it to the great confidence acquired over time by its customers who have supported with their purchases for years.